International Talent Mobility from the Philippines

In a world where:

  • employers compete for talent;
  • the average Western workforce is ageing;
  • the baby boomer generation will be leaving the workforce in the coming years, leaving a lot of space to be filled;
  • Europe is facing majors skills shortages (occupational and highly skilled);
  • lots of projects are to be realized and staffed outside Europe;
  • employees are not always prepared to work off-site for a longer period of time;

Multiplan International is a qualified and reliable partner to organize any of your actual and future project staffing needs and technical skills requirements.  On land and at sea.

Multiplan sources and supplies technically proficient professionals from the Philippines who demonstrate:

  • the right work attitude;
  • travel readiness;
  • flexibility;
  • reliability and loyalty;
  • fluency in English.

Multiplan ensures that the jointly selected talent is deployed on site within the agreed timeframe and within the legal frame of both labor donor and host country.

Our core markets