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International talent mobility: from painfully accepted to structural HR solution

We started in the seventies and eighties where we supplied blue collar workers for infrastructural projects in the oil producing countries. Nowadays, Multiplan supplies on projects worldwide, highly qualified technicians and engineers in the offshore industry.

Looking at the evolution of profiles deployed, Multiplan International already travelled quite a distance, but still finds itself at the beginning of an interesting journey.

While companies, that are investing billions of dollars in the oil and gas industry, are unable to find highly educated professionals in their own back yard, the Western European labor market needs to find an alternative to compensate for its own shortage of young, highly educated professionals.

European Member State Governments and trade unions reluctantly accept this demographic and economic reality and slowly but surely start to open their national labor markets for talent migration by non-European nationals.

Based on 35 years of professionalism and integrity, Multiplan International is ready for the future !

Posted on apr 03, 2012.

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