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Six countries with restrictions for deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers

POEA warns placement agencies to stop recruiting workers, and job applicants not to accept job offers for 6 countries declared by the Government as dangerous to OFW's.

The POEA issued a total deployment ban to Syria in August 2011 because of continued political unrest in that country. Hundreds of illegally deployed Filipino workers have already been repatriated from Syria as of date.

The POEA further identified other countries with varied restrictions, as follows:

  1. Afghanistan - Only rehires working inside American military camps and facilities with existing employment contracts are allowed. (Governing Board Resolution No. 5, Series of 2011)

  2. Iraq – All skills are banned except in Kurdistan Region. (Governing Board Resolution No. 3, Series of 2012)

  3. Lebanon - Returning workers who were processed prior to June 18, 2007 and returning to the same employer are allowed (Governing Board Resolution No. 1, Series of 2011)

  4. Jordan – Newly hired household service workers are not allowed (POEA Advisory No. 1, 13 January 2011)

  5. Yemen – Only workers returning to existing employers are allowed (Governing Board Resolution No. 2, Series of 2012)

Posted on jul 04, 2012.

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